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Genetic Alliance is rolling out a new webinar series for the year titled: Managing the Mass of Measures: Real People’s Real Data Made Useful. Our first webinar features PhenomeCentral. Make sure you register before space fills up!

Webinar PhenomeCentral

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Babys First Test, Genes In Life, Disease InfoSearch, PEER and more are all powered by Genetic Alliance. Together we are committed to transforming health through genetics and promoting an environment of openness centered on the health of individuals, families, and communities. Click to learn more!

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Genetic Alliance covers a lot of stuff! Keep up to date with one or more of our 5 newsletters and community forum ranging from newborn screening, advocacy, registries and biorepositories, live webinar events, current Genetic Alliance news and events, and much more! Click the button to learn more and sign up today!

Genetic Alliance and CDC Launch New Videos on Public Health Genomics!

Genetic Alliance in partnership with the CDC Office of Public health Genomics is excited to announce the launch of a new video focused on public health genomics! Click the button to watch and learn more!

Genomics CDC Video

@GeneticAlliance Reaches Over 10,000 Followers!

@GeneticAlliance (Genetic Alliance Twitter handle) has reached over 10,000 followers. Thank you! To stay connected and see what's happening with Genetic Alliance, follow us on Twitter and join the conversation!

Genetic Alliance Reaches over 10,000 Followers on Twitter

BioTrust holds the space for individuals, families, and communities to participate in translational research.  The revolution in health will only happen in a trust environment with people at the heart of it. BioTrust examines and creates policies, and provides novel tools for participants to actively engage in research.  The BioTrust Ethics Team, together with the Genetic Alliance Institutional Review Board, provides oversight.

With better health as the goal, Genetic Alliance puts genetic and genomic information into context for individuals and families. Our tools increase access to services and provide the information people need, when they need it. From family health history to whole genome sequencing, our combination of accessible, culturally competent print and web resources, multimedia, and health information technologies empower people to make healthy decisions.

Engaged families are informed, educated and have access to information and services when they need them most. If you are planning a family or advocating for your child, Expecting Health meets a critical need in the health delivery landscape. We have tools that lead to more informed decision-making, educate consumers around appropriate testing and public health services, and help individuals navigate the complex health care delivery system.


It’s time to take control of our health! Come together to Free The Data.

A novel approach to gather input from patients & caregivers

Building online health and wellness communities for patients and caregivers

OHF promotes research to find a cure for Oxalosis, PH and related diseases.

Our experts have the answers to your questions on genetics and health

Find resources on advocacy for accessible communities with Advocacy Atlas!

Join the Movement to Raise Awarenss about Newborn Screening!

Disease InfoSearch is a resource for patients, clinicians and researchers.

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